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Hankook Ventus Prime 4

Hankook Ventus Prime 4

/88% · summer · · : Premium

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Pros and cons

  • Exceptional handling on the wet
  • Short braking distance on dry roads
  • Short braking distance on wet roads
  • Great handling on dry roads
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The Hankook Ventus Prime 4 is a summer tire that has received mixed test results from various organizations. In general, it is praised for its good handling on both dry and wet roads, and for offering short braking distances in these conditions. A few tests mentioned the tire's excellent dry handling and secure driving performance, with sporty steering being a notable positive point. Some tests also noted the tire's kraftstoffsparender (fuel-saving) rolling resistance and good kilometer performance, contributing to a favorable price-to-performance ratio.

However, the Ventus Prime 4 also has some downsides. A commonly mentioned negative is its aquaplaning resistance, with some indicators showing the tire struggling in deeper water and demonstrating only average or even unsatisfactory performance in this aspect. Additionally, the tire's environmental performance has been criticized for its weaknesses in efficiency, high external noise, and relatively heavyweight. The tire's comfort level is also considered average.

In summary, the Hankook Ventus Prime 4 is a suitable choice for summer driving conditions, offering good performance on dry and wet roads, with some issues in aquaplaning resistance and environmental aspects. Its handling and braking performance can be considered a strong point, while its efficiency and comfort level may leave some room for improvement.


Hankook Ventus Prime 4 is made in 23 sizes, starting from 195/45 R16 up to 215/45 R20.
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Hankook Ventus Prime 4 is ranked #88 of 947 summer tyres based on the results of tests carried out by ADAC 2024, Autobild 2023, and other organizations. Hankook Ventus Prime 4 belongs to the Premium segment and is made by a manufacturer from South Korea. It is made in total of 23 sizes, 195/45 R16 being the smallest and 215/45 R20 the largest. This tyre was featured in tests 7 times, first test was carried in 2022. Hankook Ventus Prime 4 replaced an older model - Hankook Ventus Prime3 K125. This model received the best possible rating in 2 tests. Noise is a strong quality of Hankook Ventus Prime 4 - most dimensions have below average noise level values - 100% of them produce 0db noise, which result in "a" rating.



Hankook Ventus Prime 4 was launched and replaced Hankook Ventus Prime3 K125.


Hankook Ventus Prime 4 was tested 2x (Autobild,...)


Hankook Ventus Prime 4 was tested 4x (Tyre Reviews,...)


Hankook Ventus Prime 4 was tested 1x (ADAC)


Dry braking
Adac 2023
Autobild 2022
Wet braking
Adac 2023
Autobild 2022
Aquaplaning - cross
Adac 2023
Aquaplaning - longitudal
Adac 2023
Dry handling
Autobild 2022
Exterior noise
Adac 2023

Hankook Ventus Prime 4 in tyre tests

The Hankook Ventus Prime 4, a premium segment tyre, has been tested by some of Europe's most valued organizations that test tyres. From 2022 to 2023, the tyre was subjected to tests that evaluated its performance in different dimensions, such as dry and wet handling, braking, and comfort. The test results showed that the tyre performed well overall, receiving an 86% rating based on the combined test results. The Hankook Ventus Prime 4 fared well in the ADAC Summer tyre test 2023 205/55 R16, landing in 9th place out of 50 tested tyres. In the Autobild Summer tyre tests of 2022 and 2023 for 215/55 R17 tyres, the Hankook Ventus Prime 4 took an exemplary 2nd place out of 21 and 2nd out of 51 tested tyres, respectively. It was highly recommended in the Tyre Reviews Summer tyre test 2023 205/55 R16, where it landed in 7th place out of 13 tested tyres. Notably, the Hankook Ventus Prime 4 was best in dry handling, dry braking and wet braking for both Autobild Summer tyre tests 2022 and 2023, for the 215/55 R17 size. Overall, the Hankook Ventus Prime 4 demonstrated its excellence as a premium category tyre in these tests.

All tyre tests where Hankook Ventus Prime 4 was featured:
ADAC Summer tyre test 2024 215/55 R17
Ranked #8 of 16
Name Enviromental impactDriving safety
Best values in test1,61,7
Hankook Ventus Prime 42,12,9
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Autobild Summer tyre test 2023 225/65 R17
Ranked #5 of 12
In its competitive showdown against 11 other tyres, the Hankook Ventus Prime 4 distinguished itself with noteworthy performance, securing a commendable position. Testers highlighted its well-rounded qualities, pointing out its superior off-road capabilities, balanced handling on both wet and dry surfaces, sporty steering response, and impressively short braking distances in wet conditions. Additionally, its low rolling resistance was praised for contributing to fuel efficiency. However, the tyre's performance was slightly marred by its moderate aquaplaning reserves, a factor that was taken into consideration in its final evaluation. It's important to note that throughout the various tested disciplines, the tyre did not specifically excel as the absolute best in any category, nor did it finish last, demonstrating its consistent, reliable performance across the board.
Hankook Ventus Prime 4
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Hankook Ventus Prime 4
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Name Enviromental impactDriving safety
Best values in test1,31,8
Hankook Ventus Prime 42,72,4
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Source: www.adac.de
Name Points totalWetDry
Best values in test104,7106103,4
Hankook Ventus Prime 4101100,6101,4
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Source: www.autoklub.cz
Name WetDryRunning costs
Best values in test12+1+
Hankook Ventus Prime 41- 2+ 2+
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Source: reifenpresse.de
Name Stopping distance on dryStopping distance on wet
Best values in test35,727,5
Hankook Ventus Prime 435,827,8
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Source: www.autobild.de

Test ratings distribution

100% (2x)85% (3x)

Ratings x Wheel size

85% (2x)95% (3x)

Ratings x Width

205/xx Rxx215/xx Rxx225/xx Rxx
85% (2x)92.5% (2x)100% (1x)

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