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GoodYear UltraGrip 9+

GoodYear UltraGrip 9+

/86% · winter · · : Premium

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Pros and cons

  • Exceptional handling on the wet
  • Short braking distance on snow
  • Very good aquaplaning resistance
  • Exceptional traction on snow
  • Great handling on dry roads
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GoodYear UltraGrip 9+ is made in 36 sizes, starting from 155/65 R14 up to 205/60 R16.
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GoodYear UltraGrip 9+ is ranked #86 of 861 winter tyres based on the results of tests carried out by ADAC 2022, Autobild 2021, and other organizations. GoodYear UltraGrip 9+ belongs to the Premium segment and is made by a manufacturer from USA. It is made in total of 36 sizes, 155/65 R14 being the smallest and 205/60 R16 the largest. This tyre was featured in tests 7 times, first test was carried in 2020. Eu ratings can provide interesting overview over the available dimensions - 94% of GoodYear UltraGrip 9+ has "B" wet grip rating and most (60%) of the dimensions has "E" fuel-saving rating. Noise levels of most dimensions are average - 39% of them produce 71db noise, which result in "b" overall rating. This tyre has a initial tread depth of 8.6 mm in 195/55 R16. It can be compared to SP Winter Response 2, which is a tyre from Dunlop (USA) and has a rating of 86%, compared to 86% of the GoodYear in question.

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GoodYear UltraGrip 9+ was launched


GoodYear UltraGrip 9+ was tested 2x (Autoklub ČR,...)


GoodYear UltraGrip 9+ was tested 4x (AutoMotorSport,...)


GoodYear UltraGrip 9+ was tested 1x (ADAC)


Aquaplaning - cross
Adac 2022
Adac 2021
Autoklubcr 2020
Snow traction
Automotorsport 2021
Adac 2020
Autozeitung 2020
Autobild 2021
Autoklubcr 2020
Wet circle cornering
Autobild 2021
Autozeitung 2020
Wet handling
Automotorsport 2021
Aquaplaning - longitudal
Adac 2021

GoodYear UltraGrip 9+ in tyre tests

The Goodyear UltraGrip 9+ is a premium segment tyre that has been subject to rigorous testing by some of Europe's most prestigious tyre testing organizations. The tyre has been tested in winter conditions, with a focus on its performance in wet and icy conditions. The tests were conducted between 2020 and 2022, giving a comprehensive overview of the tyre's abilities in different conditions. The tyre performed exceptionally well in most tests, with an overall rating of 86%, which indicates a very good result, especially for a premium segment tyre. In terms of its test results, the Goodyear UltraGrip 9+ had some excellent outcomes, ranking as high as second place out of 16 in the ADAC 2022 winter tyre test for 185/65 R15 tyres. On the other hand, the tyre came in 8th place out of 15 in the ADAC 2020 winter tyre test for 205/55 R16 tyres. Still, the tyre excelled in snow braking and snow traction, making it an excellent choice for winter driving. In some tests, the Goodyear UltraGrip 9+ was the best tyre in various disciplines, including aquaplaning-cross, ice braking, snow braking, snow traction, wet handling, and wet safety, to name a few. Overall, the Goodyear UltraGrip 9+ is a premium tyre that has performed exceptionally well in various winter tests, providing excellent performance in cold and wet conditions.

All tyre tests where GoodYear UltraGrip 9+ was featured:
Name WetDrySnowIceRolling resistanceNoiseWear
Best values in test1,71,91,81,91,72,51,5
GoodYear UltraGrip 9+1,7 2,32,52,32,02,72,5
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Name WetDrySnowRolling resistanceWear
Best values in test2+2+11-1
GoodYear UltraGrip 9+22-2+22+
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Source: www.autobild.de
Name Points totalWetDrySnowRolling resistanceNoise
Best values in test8,79,69,3101010
GoodYear UltraGrip 9+7,58,06,87,886
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Source: www.auto-motor-und-sport.de
Name WetDrySnowIceNoiseWear
Best values in test1,61,91,92,02,62,0
GoodYear UltraGrip 9+1,82,32,02,0 2,82,5
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Source: www.adac.de
Name Stopping distance on wetStopping distance on snow
Best values in test32,127,3
GoodYear UltraGrip 9+35,227,5
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Source: www.autobild.de
Name Points totalWetDrySnow
Best values in test101,1103,4102,8100
GoodYear UltraGrip 9+100100100100
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Source: www.autoklubcr.cz
ADAC Winter tyre test 2020 205/55 R16
Ranked #8 of 15
Name WetDrySnowIceNoiseWearFuel consumption
Best values in test1,32,01,82,12,51,01,8
GoodYear UltraGrip 9+2,03,01,8 2,52,82,51,9
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Source: www.adac.de

Test ratings distribution

85% (5x)

Ratings x Wheel size

85% (2x)85% (3x)

Ratings x Width

185/xx Rxx195/xx Rxx205/xx Rxx
85% (1x)85% (2x)85% (2x)

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