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Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV

Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV

/90% · summer · · : Premium

Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV
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Pros and cons

  • Short braking distance on wet roads
  • Exceptional handling on the wet
  • Low drive-by noise levels
  • Very good aquaplaning resistance
  • Short braking distance on dry roads
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The Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV has been tested and reviewed by various organizations, showcasing its performance as a summer tire for SUVs. Autobild praised the tire for its impressive premium quality, providing excellent driving characteristics on all surfaces. Additionally, they noted the tire's harmonious balance between wet and dry handling, short braking distances on both wet and dry surfaces, high rolling comfort, and low rolling resistance.

Autobild also highlighted the tire's good reserve capacities in aquaplaning tests, short wet braking distances, suitable off-road capability, and overall comfort for drivers. However, they mentioned a slightly increased price level compared to competitors. Meanwhile, Auto Express observed the EfficientGrip 2 SUV's strong performance in wet tests, aquaplaning resistance, and overall effectiveness, making it one of the best tires in deeper water.

Despite these positive qualities, Auto Express noted that the tire's dry performance wasn't as strong, resulting in a slightly dull performance on the dry handling track, requiring more lock and pushing wide relatively easily. Nevertheless, the Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV was praised for its quiet and comfortable ride, being the top choice for cabin noise reduction and having low rolling resistance, with only a one percent increase in fuel consumption compared to the winning tire.

In summary, the Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV is a highly regarded summer tire for SUVs, with excellent grip and handling in both wet and dry conditions, good aquaplaning resistance, and a comfortable and quiet ride. However, its dry performance may not be as strong as some competitors. Overall, it is a suitable choice for those who prioritize comfort, wet handling, and fuel efficiency over ultimate dry handling capabilities.


Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV is made in 55 sizes, starting from 215/65 R16 up to 285/45 R22.
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Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV was launched and replaced GoodYear Efficientgrip SUV.


Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV was tested 2x (Autobild,...) and won the Autobild 215/60 R17 test.


Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV was tested 1x (Autobild) and won the Autobild 235/55 R18 test.


Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV was tested 1x (Autobild)


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Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV in tyre tests

All tyre tests where Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV was featured:
Autobild Summer tyre test 2023 225/65 R17
Ranked #4 of 12
Securing a commendable 4th place out of 12 competitors, the Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV tire showcased a compelling performance that earned it an 'Exemplary' final rating. This tire distinguished itself with a premium profile that boasted safe and balanced driving characteristics, making it a reliable choice for SUV drivers. Its superiority was particularly evident in challenging conditions, demonstrating impressive aquaplaning resistance, short braking distances on wet surfaces, and commendable off-road capability. Additionally, the comfort it provided was notable. Among its strengths, it emerged as the best in reducing exterior noise, offering a quieter ride compared to its peers. However, it's worth noting that these premium features come at a slightly elevated price point, which is the only minor drawback highlighted by the testers.
Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV
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Name WetDryOffroad
Best values in test2+2+2+
Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV2+ 2+ 2
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Source: reifenpresse.de
Name WetDryOffroad
Best values in test2+2+2+
Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV2+ 2+ 2+
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Source: www.autobild.de
Tyre Reviews Summer tyre test 2021 235/55 R18
highly recommended
Ranked #2 of 9
Goodyear Efficientgrip 2 SUV
Source: www.tyrereviews.com

Test ratings distribution

100% (4x)
ExemplaryHighly recommended

Ratings x Wheel size

100% (2x)100% (2x)

Ratings x Width

215/xx Rxx225/xx Rxx235/xx Rxx
100% (1x)100% (1x)100% (2x)


  1. Is this tyre suitable for SUVs?

    Yes, this tyre is also made in SUV sizes.

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