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Falken e.Ziex

Falken e.Ziex

/85% · summer · · : Upper-middle

Falken e.Ziex
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Falken e.Ziex is made in 11 sizes, starting from 215/65 R17 up to 255/40 R21.
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Falken e.Ziex was launched


Falken e.Ziex was tested 1x (Automotorsport)


Exterior noise
Automotorsport 2023
Wet braking
Automotorsport 2023

Falken e.Ziex in tyre tests

All tyre tests where Falken e.Ziex was featured:
Automotorsport Summer tyre test 2023 255/45 R20
very good
Ranked #4 of 10
Securing a commendable fourth place among ten competitors, the Falken e.Ziex tire excelled in the summer motorsport event, earning a final rating of "Very good." Reviewers praised its exceptionally short braking distances on both wet and dry asphalt, its very low rolling resistance, and its quiet rolling noise, highlighting these as its standout features. Particularly, the tire was unmatched in exterior noise level, rolling resistance, and wet braking performance. However, it did face some critique for its focus on safety and efficiency attributes, which led to a somewhat sluggish response and an increased risk of sliding when navigating through puddles in turns. Despite these observations, the overall performance of the Falken e.Ziex was highly rated, setting a strong standard for its category.
Falken e.Ziex
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255/xx Rxx
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  1. Where is Falken e.Ziex made?

    Falken e.Ziex is made in Turkey.

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