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Bridgestone Turanza 6

Bridgestone Turanza 6

/87% · summer · · : Premium

Bridgestone Turanza 6
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Pros and cons

  • Low rolling resistance/low fuel consumption
  • Very good aquaplaning resistance
  • Great handling on dry roads
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The Bridgestone Turanza 6 emerges as a well-regarded summer tire across various tests, albeit with a nuanced performance profile that varies slightly depending on the testing organization and tire dimension. One of its most consistently praised aspects is its environmental and economic performance. The tire is noted for its good projected mileage, low wear, very low weight, and low fuel consumption, traits that contribute to a positive environmental footprint. This is complemented by a kraftstoffsparender (fuel-saving) rolling resistance mentioned in multiple reviews, underscoring its efficiency.

When it comes to handling and safety, the Turanza 6 presents a mixed but overall commendable picture. It is credited with good aquaplaning properties across different dimensions, securing a reputation for safety in wet conditions. Moreover, its handling and braking performance on wet surfaces have been highlighted positively, with specific mentions of its short braking distances and balanced driving characteristics. This suggests a reliable performance that doesn't compromise on safety.

However, the tire exhibits some variability in performance between dry and wet conditions. While there are acknowledgments of its excellence on dry roads, including dynamic handling and a propensity for low fuel consumption, there are noted weaknesses in traction and corner grip on wet surfaces in certain tests. Such discrepancies indicate that while the tire performs admirably in dry conditions, its wet condition performance, although secure, does not always reach the same heights, displaying moderate grip levels and understeering in earnest situations.

It's important to note that despite these minor impairments in wet conditions, the Bridgestone Turanza 6 does not suffer from serious weaknesses. It maintains a decent level of performance that, while not always convincing, avoids critical shortcomings. The use of Enliten technology is heralded for enhancing the tire's efficiency by significantly reducing rolling resistance, which is a key factor in its favorable environmental evaluation.

In summary, the Bridgestone Turanza 6 is an environmentally friendly summer tire that offers a balanced high-performance level, especially notable for its low wear, fuel efficiency, and good aquaplaning prevention. While it excels on dry roads, offering dynamic and controllable handling, its performance on wet surfaces, although generally secure, may fall slightly behind in certain aspects such as grip and handling. These characteristics make the Turanza 6 a solid choice for drivers prioritizing sustainability and efficiency without drastically compromising on safety and handling in variable conditions.


Bridgestone Turanza 6 is made in 115 sizes, starting from 195/50 R16 up to 285/30 R22.
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Bridgestone Turanza 6 was tested 3x (Autobild,...)


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Aquaplaning - longitudal
Adac 2024
Dry handling
Ace 2024
Interior noise
Adac 2024

Bridgestone Turanza 6 in tyre tests

All tyre tests where Bridgestone Turanza 6 was featured:
ADAC Summer tyre test 2024 215/55 R17
Ranked #6 of 16
In its debut appearance, the Bridgestone Turanza 6 secured 6th place among 16 competitors, earning a final rating of 'Satisfactory'. The tyre was praised for its excellent aquaplaning resistance, predicted long lifespan, low wear, incredibly light weight, and reduced fuel consumption. However, it demonstrated minor weaknesses on both dry and wet roads which impacted its safety ratings. While its performance in terms of feedback and precision on dry roads left something to be desired, its braking capabilities were noted to be commendably good. On wet surfaces, despite good aquaplaning test results, it fell short in braking distance measurements and handling, with a mediocre grip level that struggled to effectively combine longitudinal and lateral forces. The tyre stood out particularly in aquaplaning - longitudinal and interior noise, showcasing its strengths in both water displacement and providing a quieter ride. Its environmental impact was positively noted, with good points for lifespan, wear, and efficiency, although it missed higher marks for exterior noise and sustainability aspects.
Name Enviromental impactDriving safety
Best values in test1,61,7
Bridgestone Turanza 62,22,8
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ACE Summer tyre test 2024 225/45 R17
Ranked #6 of 10
Name Points totalWetDryRolling resistanceNoise
Best values in test2144792135
Bridgestone Turanza 619461110185
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Autozeitung Summer tyre test 2024 225/45 R17
recommended for economical driving
Ranked #9 of 9
The Bridgestone Turanza 6 found itself at the bottom of the ranks, securing 9th position out of 9 competitors. Despite this, it has been acknowledged for its economical driving benefits, thanks to its Enliten technology that ensures efficient rolling, making it an exceptional choice for energy saving. The tire showcases an unparalleled performance in terms of rolling resistance, where it stood out as the best among its peers. However, its performance on wet surfaces revealed only average capabilities, characterized by a moderate level of grip and a tendency for understeer and lively load change reactions, though these were not deemed critical faults. On dry surfaces, the tire's longest braking distance was compensated by its significantly low rolling resistance and comfort. Nonetheless, its handling dynamics were somewhat hindered by increased understeer. Overall, the tire receives a recommendation for those prioritizing economical driving, despite its mixed performance across different conditions.
Bridgestone Turanza 6
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Autobild Summer tyre test 2024 205/55 R16
Ranked #3 of 20
Securing a commendable 3rd place among 20 competitors, the Bridgestone Turanza 6 demonstrated a noteworthy performance in its latest evaluation, meriting an 'Exemplary' final rating. This tire stood out for its new summer tread pattern that skillfully balances driving qualities on varied surfaces, ensuring safe handling in both wet and dry conditions. Its short braking distances and outstanding mileage further underline its superior design and functionality. With no discernable weaknesses highlighted by the testers, the Bridgestone Turanza 6 proves itself as a top choice for drivers seeking reliable performance without compromise.
Bridgestone Turanza 6
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Automotorsport Summer tyre test 2024 235/55 R18
Ranked #4 of 8
Securing a solid 4th position out of 8 competitors, the Bridgestone Turanza 6 made a notable appearance with its final rating acknowledged as 'Good.' This tyre was particularly praised for its excellent aquaplaning prevention and decent wet braking capabilities. On dry roads, it was highlighted for its sporty yet controllable dynamics, standing out among competing summer tyres. However, feedback pointed out limitations in wet traction and cornering grip, alongside a somewhat rough ride over lateral road imperfections. The Bridgestone Turanza 6 was lauded for its exceptionally low rolling resistance, setting a benchmark in this discipline. This characteristic underscores the tyre's impressive performance, ensuring efficiency without compromising on safety or drivability, distinguishing it as a strong contender in the summer tyre category.
Bridgestone Turanza 6
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Name Stopping distance on dryStopping distance on wet
Best values in test35,425,8
Bridgestone Turanza 636,927,9
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Autobild Summer tyre test 2023 225/45 R18
Ranked #5 of 20
The Bridgestone Turanza 6 secured the 5th position among 20 contenders, earning a 'Good' rating for its performance. This premium summer tyre is lauded for its balanced high-level performance and fuel-saving rolling resistance, marking it a standout in terms of efficiency and environmental friendliness. However, it was critiqued for its average economy, indicating room for improvement in cost-effectiveness over time. Notably, it outperformed competitors in two key disciplines: comfort and rolling resistance, showcasing its superior capability to deliver a smooth ride while minimizing energy loss and enhancing fuel efficiency. This dual achievement underscores the tire's engineering excellence and its alignment with drivers' needs for comfort without compromising on efficiency.
Name WetDryRunning costs
Best values in test2+1-1
Bridgestone Turanza 62-22-
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Name Stopping distance on dryStopping distance on wet
Best values in test58.124.8
Bridgestone Turanza 663.827.6
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Source: www.autobild.de
Autobild Summer tyre test 2023 225/65 R17
Ranked #2 of 12
The Bridgestone Turanza 6 secured a commendable second place among twelve competitors, earning an "Exemplary" final rating for its performance. This tyre stood out due to its new tread pattern, which offered a well-balanced and robust performance potential. It delivered top-notch driving capabilities on both wet and dry surfaces, showcased good off-road qualities, and provided safe protection against aquaplaning. Additionally, it was praised for its fuel-efficient rolling resistance. The tyre particularly excelled in the disciplines of comfort, gravel traction, and rolling resistance, setting a high standard in these areas without any noted shortcomings. This impressive balance of qualities highlights the Bridgestone Turanza 6 as a superior choice for drivers seeking reliability and performance across various conditions.
Bridgestone Turanza 6
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Test ratings distribution

100% (2x)85% (5x)
ExemplaryGoodSatisfactoryRecommended for economical drivingRecommended

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100% (1x)88.8% (4x)85% (2x)

Ratings x Width

205/xx Rxx215/xx Rxx225/xx Rxx235/xx Rxx
100% (1x)85% (1x)88.8% (4x)85% (1x)


  1. Is this tyre suitable for SUVs?

    Yes, this tyre is also made in SUV sizes.

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